Picture by Joy Butler,  Growtograph

Picture by Joy Butler, Growtograph


Hello, I’m Lizzie.

From a very young age, I have had a deep passion for words and writing. I’m the kind of person who is bothered about the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’, and knows where an apostrophe should live. That might not make me the kind of person you’d like to invite to a party, but I’ll sure make you look good to potential customers. I have loved every minute of living on the Fraser Coast and have made the most of the six years I have been here with my husband, and now our two daughters.

If the experience of having two children under the age of two has taught me anything, it surely has to be how to manage my time, multitask and prioritise.

Before these two little legends came into my life, I wrote for the local newspaper, as a features writer. During my time in this post, I learned an awful lot from some excellent writers, and found the thing I love to do most for a crust. I wrote for the daily newspaper, two weeklies, several magazines, websites, engaged with social media, and created endless amounts of advertising material.

The job required collaboration with local business owners to create effective advertising copy that best represented their business, charitable organisation or event.




In addition to this, I was given the opportunity to conceive, create and edit a brand new magazine for the area, Fraser Coast Life and Style. My pride lives on for this publication, and the voice it gave (and still gives) to local women, volunteers, charitable groups and the unsung heroes of the Fraser Coast.

Do get in touch and let me know how I can help make your business shine.

– Lizzie Macaulay

Founder and chief copywriter,

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