3-7 MARCH 2022

NOOSA, SUNSHINE COAST, QLD OR the comfort and safety of your own home...

Only 12 places available


4 x 30 minute 1:1 copywriting sessions

1 x 75 minute 1:1 digital marketing strategy session PLUS 30 minute advance briefing

1 x 45 minute 1:1 mindset/block clearing session

4 x 45 min group mindset sessions

3 x 60(+) minute intention setting sessions for ‘tomorrow’

4 x 45 minute “Keep The Momentum Masterclasses”

Pre-event goodies

Keep-forever recordings of ALL group and private sessions


This retreat will transform your business and your life.


Craft compelling copy, nail digital marketing and build a beautiful brand identity.


Learn life changing productivity systems and take back control of your time.


Participate in transformative mindset practices that kick start your day and accelerate growth.

What if you had the power to press pause on life?

I want you to imagine for a minute that you could. That there was TIME.

IMAGINE having the space to focus on mastering your message, your time and your mindset. Let’s outline what your business would look like if you could cast aside the daily demands of business and life, and instead focus on making YOU the best entrepreneur and business owner you can be.

You’d be:

Nailing productivity with slick processes and big business thinking.

Crystal clear on your mission and messaging, as well as how to implement them.

Whizzing out killer copy that makes your competitors weep (and wishing they were smart like you and went to Get It DONE).

Feeling like a mindset maestro because you have a shiny new set of mindset tool.

Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Doesn’t that sound like the life you yearn for? And DESERVE?

Yes I deserve this!

But first.
Let me ask you a question...

Have you ever wondered how some women smash their to-do list and still have a life beyond their business?

Meanwhile, you’re pumping out work, madly trying to checkboxes on your to-do list. Your rock star work ethic is the stuff of legends. Everyone tells you you’re amazing, but you’re just not feeling it.

Your list keeps growing. The anxiety it creates rivals the stress of your neverending pile of dirty laundry.

Your social life? Sure, you’ll squeeze in a rushed Sunday afternoon coffee... But only if you can have it to-go...

No wonder you’re stressed. Growing a business while trying to maintain a home life and whatever shreds remain of your social life is HARD.

And the more women I chat with, the more it’s clear this is a universal problem.

I’ll let you in on a secret. Those incredible women who are achieving all the things? They’re not superhuman.

They’re just like you. But with one clear difference.

They saw the need for change. And they took action.



Other business retreats are typically focused on learning, listening and connecting.

But they miss one CRUCIAL element.


Getting it DONE.

At this retreat, you will learn, listen, connect and DO.

You will immediately implement what you’ve learned and create tangible business assets.

You will get it DONE.

THIS IS THE life-changing retreat for you if...

✔ You built, bought or were born into your business and you’re hungry for change and personal growth. But the demands of working IN the business and the rest of everyday life are getting in the way of doing something about it.

✔ You’re sick of being ruled by your to-do list and just ‘ticking along’. You’re ready to be like those superwomen. But you need help from the right experts to make it happen.

✔ You’re ready to unleash your creativity and learn how to write copy that cuts through the noise and persuades customers to buy.

✔ You’re craving that confidence and you want *that* “I’ve got this” feeling. The one that washes over you when you know you’ve nailed your messaging, your online presence, your mindset, and your time management strategies.


You don’t yet have a website or other content that needs refining.

You’re expecting a business wizard to magically transform your content for you while you enjoy cocktails by the pool.

You’re looking forward to big sleep-ins (we start each day EARLY).




As well as access to speakers (which you will have throughout the event), but dedicated 1:1 copywriting, digital marketing and mindset sessions that are all about you.


In addition to your expert sessions, you’ll have nine hours across three days to Get It DONE. This is not a sit and listen event. This is a listen, learn and DO event.


Limited to only 12 places, so you’ll get dedicated attention from our experts. Plus, the deliberately intimate group size means less overwhelm for introverts and ambiverts.


Pre-event we’ll work with you to find out your biggest struggles so we can create content that solves YOUR problems. Not someone else’s!


Without the clutter and demands of your daily life, you will be 100% immersed in you and your business. Your learnings will stick, and you’ll have the space for even more implementation.


The brain does its best work when it’s allowed to breathe. Immersed in serene tropical luxury at one of Noosa’s most indulgent resorts, you’ll be at your creative and productive best.


Copywriting Superstar


Are your email sequences, product descriptions, web copy, sales pages, blog posts or product launches sending your audience to sleep? Relax! Lizzie (that’s me!) is here to teach you how to take your copy from zzzzz to sizzzzzle. In your daily 1:1 sessions, we’ll work together to give your copy a complete makeover. You’ll leave Get It DONE oozing copywriting confidence.
Digital Marketing Guru


Digital and social marketing barely squeezing into your hectic week? Lazy campaigns not creating quality leads or delivering sales? Tumbleweeds rolling across your Facebook ads? Nicola is here to save you from digital marketing death in a series of 1:1 sessions that are customised to YOU and your unique business.

Time Creator


Working smarter, not harder. You know it’s all the rage, and you know your competitors are doing it. But you’re so busy working hard, you don’t have time to learn how to work smarter. Er, you do know how crazy that sounds, right? Nicole is here to help you kill the crazy and transform your days into perfectly packed pockets of productivity. You’ll be equipped with new systems that will optimise your time, your energy and your success.
Mindset Master


Imagine what it would feel like to be free of painful thoughts and feelings that get in the way of growing your business. Imagine being rid of crippling self-doubt and interfering imposters that hinder your confidence in trying new things. Setting you up for success each day of the Retreat, Lou’s pre-breakfast sessions will teach you how to slay mindset monsters and the magic of mindset mastery.
Retreat Photographer


Oohhing and aahhhing over your fiercest competitor’s drool worthy new brand images? Shuddering at your tired old branding photos your friend took on her iPhone? Stop shuddering, my friend. Joy is going to snap schmick, stunning, fabulous new brand images of you with the spectacular backdrop of Peppers Noosa.
Get It DONE Gun


By the time you’ve left Get It DONE, you’ll want Heinna for yourself. A master of getting it done, Heinna is the superglue that binds the whole retreat together. She’ll work with you pre-event to find out EXACTLY what you’re seeking to get out of the retreat (because our content is customised to YOU). She’ll also make sure you get your pre-event homework done (you’re not afraid of a l’il homework, are you?!) so you can get maximum mileage for your moolah.

“Lizzie is GOLD. She has enabled me to move forward in my business with leaps and bounds. She is a game changer.”

- Megan Taslaman | Integrated Holistic Health Practice


Hang on a sweet minute. Where are all the boozed up cocktail parties and fireside kumbaya songs?

Yeah, this is NOT that type of retreat.

It’s also not a retreat where you turn up and everything is done for you.

It is an intensive and transformational four days set aside for you to understand, to create and to empower yourself as an entrepreneur and business owner.

WARNING: While there won’t be boozing and schmoozing, there are no promises I won’t bust out my best Dave Grohl performance and woo you with a bit of Everlong magic.

Because every business retreat should have more Foo, and less woo. Riiiight??


Master your message, time and mindset

  • 4 x 30 minute 1:1 copywriting sessions 
  • 1 x 75 minute 1:1 digital marketing strategy session PLUS 30 minute advance briefing 
  • 1 x 30 minute 1:1 mindset/block clearing session
  • 4 x 45 min group mindset sessions at Laguna Lookout 
  • 3 x 30(+) minute intention setting sessions for ‘tomorrow’ (over sundowners at our flash villa)
  • 4 x 45 minute ‘Keep The Momentum ‘Masterclasses
  • 1 x 30 minute branding mini shoot with a professional photographer 

Stay and dine in luxury

  • 4 nights’ single or twin share accommodation in a one bedroom apartment Checking-in Thursday 3rd of March 2022 Checking-out Monday 7th of March 2022 (unless otherwise specified) 
  • 1 x Welcome breakfast at View Restaurant by Matt Golinski (internationally renowned chef) 
  • 3 x daily breakfasts (included in room rate) at View Restaurant by Matt Golinski
  • 4 x daily lunch at View Restaurant by Matt Golinski 
  • 3 x ‘Sundowner’ sessions at our flash villa [includes wine, beer, soft drink, juice and tasty nibbles] 

Pre-event goodies to get you excited

  • Personalised welcome pack including luxury welcome gifts from our event partners 
  • Personalised Get It DONE project template + copywriting best practice tools
  • Dream client worksheet 

PLUS to show my gratitude, I’ll also give you these fabulous bonus goodies:

  • BONUS Private Facebook group with our experts for pre and post-event support and advice 
  • BONUS 30 minute 1:1 follow up with Lizzie so you can maintain momentum
  • BONUS 60 minute 1:1 follow up session with the extraordinary Heinna who is an absolute Get It DONE gun
  • BONUS Nicola Elkington’s “Inabox Digital: Mastering Digital Marketing One Step at a Time” longform e-book, which is jam-packed with hot tips for digital media tools and best practices
  • BONUS Nicole Smith guide, Designing Ease Into Your Every Day 
  • BONUS Lifetime access to recordings of each of Lou Coles’ sessions on releasing limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back


Choose your plan A

Shared or solo... take your pick!

Your four-day ticket to transformation includes:


$ 3852
plus GST
  • 4 Nights’ twin-share accommodation in a one bedroom apartment from 3rd to 7th of March 2022. Bring a friend, or make a friend!
    *Upgrades available through Peppers
  • Welcome breakfast at View Restaurant by Matt Golinski
  • Breakfast and lunch daily at View Restaurant
  • 3 ‘Sundowner’ sessions with drinks and nibbles
  • Personalised welcome pack including luxury gifts
  • + Personalised Get It DONE Project Template
  • + Copywriting Best Practice Tools
  • + Dream Client Worksheet
  • Pay over 5 easy, affordable installments
book now!


$ 4530
plus GST
  • 4 Nights’ single accommodation in a one bedroom apartment from 3rd to 7th of March 2022. Indulge and focus in serenity and solitude.
    *Upgrades available through Peppers
  • Welcome breakfast at View Restaurant by Matt Golinski
  • Breakfast and lunch daily at View Restaurant
  • 3 ‘Sundowner’ sessions with drinks and nibbles
  • Personalised welcome pack including luxury gifts
  • + Personalised Get It DONE Project Template
  • + Copywriting Best Practice Tools
  • + Dream Client Worksheet
  • Pay over 5 easy, affordable installments
don't miss out!

plan b tickets now on sale!

VIRTUAL TICKET (upgrade any time)

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$ 2597
plus GST
  • 4 x 30 minute 1:1 copywriting sessions 
  • 1 x 75 minute 1:1 digital marketing strategy session PLUS 30 minute advance briefing
  • 1 x 30 minute 1:1 mindset/block clearing session
  • 4 x 45 min group mindset sessions
  • 3 x 30(+) minute intention setting sessions for ‘tomorrow’
  • 4 x 45 minute “Keep The Momentum Masterclasses”
  • Pre-event goodies
  • Keep-forever recordings of ALL group and private sessions
  • Option to upgrade to in-person ticket at any time

Here’s a taste ...

...OF WHAT YOU CAN expect from our Get It DONE experts when you join us.


“Lou is very professional and you just feel so comfortable with her. I think EFT is a powerful technique and Lou is an incredible facilitator.”

- Jackie | Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Soooo, are your bags packed yet?

Or are you still on the fence?


• ACTUALLY having the time to do things differently in your business.
• Getting more online traffic.
• Enticing visitors into a buy now button-clicking frenzy.

Because you’re doing ALL THE THINGS that you always wanted to but never had the time for.

You could have Get It DONE Retreat pay for itself with one juicy new client from your irresistible new sales page copy or flash new digital marketing strategy.

You could experience life-changing transformation.


Proudly partnering with...

“Nicola is the marketing superwoman I have been searching for.”

- Leeza Browne | Platinum Education Group

What we're doing about covid uncertainty...

"Nicole is an absolute systems and processes genius!”

- Rhyannon Perkins | Be Heard Therapy and Supports


Got questions? Of course you do, because you’re a clever, savvy business woman.

Here are answers to help you decide if this is the life-changing opportunity you’ve been searching for.

Absolutely! As long as you have an operating business with clients or customers, and existing content that you want to work on, improve or add to, this retreat is for you. We’re expecting huge diversity in attendees, from relatively new businesses to well established ones.
You sure can! We want Get It DONE to be as affordable as possible for everyone, so we’ve created payment plans that allow you to spread out your payments. Payment amounts are listed in the “Tickets” section and further details are on the registration page (once you click “Pay in instalments”.
Get It DONE tickets are non-refundable. However, you can transfer your ticket to another attendee (please note this will have to be approved by the GET IT DONE team). Or you can obtain credit for future events or services from Get It DONE Retreats.
We guarantee that we can give you the tools and our time to help you create an outcome for your goals. However, you are responsible for completing the work required that ensures your goals are met
Woohoo! You’re coming!! Our Get It DONe Gun Heinna, will be in touch to give you all the next steps, including setting up your personalised work space where you can ask questions, find your itinerary and docs, ready to hit the ground running on your arrival.
The nearest airport is Maroochydore, which is a half hour drive from Peppers Noosa. Jetstar, Virgin and Qantas all have regular daily flights into Maroochydore Airport.
While I’d love to, I’m focused on creating a productive and memorable program. If you need help arranging travel, I suggest contacting your local travel agency. They’re a small business like you and after COVID struggles, I’m sure they’d be grateful for any extra business.
Peppers Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.
Of course! Include a note on your registration form and we can provide a discount code for 10% off the best available rate. You will need to contact the resort directly and book your extension. All costs are of course at your own expense and you’ll need to liaise with the resort to arrange payment.
Unless you come with a friend and choose otherwise, you will have a one bedroom apartment with breakfast included in the rate.
Not unless you want to!
You sure can, but you’ll need to arrange it yourself with the hotel
The Pepper Noosa website has all this information.
Breakfast is included as part of the room rate, and you also get our fabulous Welcome Breakfast on the first day (Friday).
This is the working file for whatever project you’ll be working on at the retreat. It will be a Google Doc that you’ll receive pre-event and it will be populated with copywriting practices, guides and super specific instructions. It includes really practical granular information like where to place headings on a sales page and best practice for web copy wtc. This will be fully customised to you, your business and your chosen project. This is why we’ll be asking you questions about what you plan to work on as part of your registration.
We’re not having a group dinner as I really want you to take ownership of your evenings and either reflect, implement or relax.
For your body, no. But we have daily massages for your mind as we kick off each day with a mindset magic session. For the same magic on your body, here’s the spa menu.
You can see the group schedule above in the “Schedule” section. As for your personal schedule, we will provide that to you 14 days prior to the event.
Incomplete sessions or days are non-refundable. However, all materials completed will still be provided to you.
You will have a personalised schedule, which means if you miss a session, there are no make-ups available.
Breakfast is at 7.30am the first day, and around 8.00am every day after that, once we return from our Mindset Magic walk to the Laguna Bay lookout. Lunch is 12.00pm-1.00pm
Of course! If you are not busy cracking away on all your retreat work, or just need a break, please feel free to enjoy the hotel or stroll around Noosa!
Evenings after 5.30pm are 100% yours to do with as you choose. Please refer to the “Sample Schedule” section further above.
You will receive your photos approximately 2 weeks after Get It DONE. They will be emailed directly to you from Joy Butler, our fabulous expert photographer.
So glad you asked! We’ve got a Facebook group for all attendees and our experts. You’ll have exclusive access to them to chat before and after the event!
Dress as you are comfortable. However, please note that on Saturday, Joy ( our photographer expert) will be there to take beautiful head shot images of you. So consider what you would want to wear in those images and bring suitable clothes and accessories. Colours that match or complement your brand work best.
Upon completing the registration the Get It DONE team will contact you to provide you a dash board where you can communicate with the team, obtain all the materials for the retreat and your personal schedule for the retreat.
Don’t worry; if we have your email, and/or join the GET IT DONE FB group, we will notify you!
Each attendee will receive a personal schedule for each day before the event


Heinna VEA - CALL: +61 (0) 451 899 421