I know this is a business/copywriting blog, but I feel in these very tricky and unusual times it’s OK to take a few liberties. Especially if it’s to try and create some good. I know the world is an even scarier place than normal to exist in, but these changing times we are also being presented with an opportunity to stop, reset and take stock.

I have been tucked away safe and sound for the last few weeks with my family and some recent imports from Canada. From this cosy nook, I have watched more drama unfold, and heard countless reports giving all of us lots of reasons to be fearful and selfish.

Nevertheless, I am grateful.

I am grateful that we have a house over our heads, and work to be getting on with. I’m grateful that we are all well, as is literally everyone else we know. I am grateful that we have managed to turn this mess into a fun holiday for 8. I have had the opportunity to reconnect with my brother, sister-in-law and nieces. In the space of a week, I have watched one niece transform from shrieking at the thought of a fly to actively hunting and catching geckos and bugs to love and care for and learn from.

The sun is still shining, the wind is warm and we are here together.

I am grateful that most people seem to be looking out for each other and doing what they can to help their peers. That businesses are innovating where they can. That doctors and nurses, and all the front-line staff are being recognised for their gallantry in the face of an imminent and overwhelming calamity.

For all these things, I am grateful.

It’s not all good news, of course. The sick and dying are weighing heavily on my mind. Politicians are scrambling to appear in control, but creating more chaos as they go (would I do a better job if I were in charge, almost certainly not, but I’d likely be trying to just do whatever NZ PM Jacinda Ardern was doing…). Small businesses are closing and hard-working people everywhere are being driven to some pretty dark places, unsure of how to pay the bills and keep afloat.


My heart hurts for everyone who is suffering. For those who are being driven inside, only to find their domestic situation deteriorate into violence. For anyone feeling desperate and trapped and alone with only their anxiety for company. It boggles the mind to think where all of this is going to end up!

It is a stressful time.

So in this stressful time, in the face of all this grief, uncertainty and disruption, I’m urging you to please, find the positives where you can. Even if they’re small. “At least we get to spend time together”, “At least I get to finally finish that book”, “At least we are safe and well, even if it’s inconvenient.” At least.

There are resources to help you that have, and always will be there:-

We can work together to get through this completely unprecedented time. Do what you’re told (stay away, wash your hands, take this seriously), but if you can, take the opportunity to take a step back and consider any positives you can glean, however small, and build on that. All of us will have moments of overwhelm as we process the enormity of our collective experience both here in Australia and globally overall. I’m not ashamed to admit I have had one or two as I digest new information around our situation. But I have made a point of breaking the habit of a lifetime and actually voicing my fears and concerns. It turns out, getting the thoughts out of your head has an incredibly calming effect. Find someone to talk to. Write in a journal. Meditate. Reflect. Whatever helps your headspace

We have amazing opportunities to take this time to recalibrate and come together (whilst staying apart!). Keep your hearts open and your minds sharp!

~ Lizzie

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