Copy packages

To keep things simple, you've got four lengths of time to book me, no matter what sort of project you're looking to complete... Use the below as a guide to book your next project in.

Fast in 'n' out

$275+GST - (90 minutes)​

You need it done and you need it now - it's only a tiny job anyway, right?! Well, step right up!

Best for:

- Editing and/or proofreading
- Social media ads
- A handful of product descriptions
- A marketing email or two

Just a halfa

$525+GST - (3 hours)

Actually, come to think of it, this job'll need a bit more thought... but it's still pretty small... Half a day should do it!

Best for:

- Email sequences
- Marketing collateral
- About pages
- Short landing pages
- Blogs

A day'll do it

$1025+GST - (6 hours)

Now we're diving a bit deeper into the wonderful world of copy, you'll need a bit more time. That's cool, big projects = big progress!

Best for:

- Sales pages
- Full email sequences (Nurture, welcome, etc)
- 2-3 Web pages
- Uncovering and articulating your brand personality and ideal avatars (You'll need to be a part of the convo on this one!)
- A full suite of product descriptions
- Award entries

Make it a week

$3275+GST - (20 hours)

Hark! Is that a sweet new project I hear being developed?! What a delight! Just think, a whole week of my fabulous company... And by the time we're done, you'll be ready to roll!

Best for:

- Product/Service/Course development
- Product/Service/Course launches
- Full website copy delivery (inc SEO strategy)

Join me and see if we can’t make sweet, sweet copy together…