Why hire a copywriter? (Part 1)

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As business owners we are constantly juggling all the priorities life throws at us- servicing clients/customers/patients, marketing, admin, bookkeeping, creating amazing products, innovating, networking, growing. Add in our personal lives- children, partners, our health and fitness, hobbies, social lives, aspirations for self improvement. How exactly are we supposed to fit it all in?!

The fact of the matter is that we simply don’t. Despite the best intentions, both professional and personal, we don’t manage to get everything done, and some of the finer details slip down the cracks. Updating your website? (Or even getting a website in the first place!) Keeping your customers in the loop on new developments in products/services/staffing/special offers? Creating a unified, signature voice for the entire company? Often these are tasks that are set aside for ‘one day soon’.

Outsourcing tasks that take you away from your key areas of focus (the ones that make you $$$) is the secret to effective time management. Certainly, you could muck around with your computer whose screen has gone blue, or you could take it to the IT experts to fix while you get back to tasks that actually make you money. You could have a punt at fixing the leaking roof yourself, but would a professional take less time, and free you up to get back to business? Absolutely. You should always be asking yourself, “is this the best use of my time?”

Hiring a professional in any capacity frees you up to do the things you do best. A copywriter is no different. Instead of looking at a blank page for hours, unsure of where to start, you could be out with family, or serving customers, or putting that genius mind of yours to work developing a brand spanking new product.

So where would you rather be? Stuck at a computer screen, or out ‘making it rain’?!

Stay tuned for part two…

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