Why no websites?



I love living on the Fraser Coast. The sun is shining. People are friendly. We have so many amazing businesses to choose from here. You know what’s less cool though? It’s incredibly difficult to find out up-to-date, relevant information about the amazing array of products and services available! Menus for restaurants, opening hours and class timings, special events… While a handful of local (non-governmental) businesses have a fabulous digital presence, and some do well without, a lot are getting left behind in the struggle for attention on ‘free’ platforms.


I’d honestly really love to know why small business owners a shying away from using one of the strongest marketing tools available, so I’ve devised a little survey. I’d love it if you could answer the questions yourself, and share it as widely as possible! A lucky follower will be chosen at random to receive a FREE branding and social media planning session with me once the survey period has ended! Generous, right?! That’s a whopping $500 value that could have an enormous impact on your bottom line.

So here goes…

What is your gender?
What is your age group?
Within your organisation, are you:


Does your business provide products or services?
Do you have premises, work from home or attend local markets?
Does your business have a website?
Are you happy with your current website?
If you are unhappy, what is the problem?
Select all options that apply
For those who do not have a website, why not?
Select all options that apply
What would inspire you to update/create a website?
Select all that apply
What would you expect to spend on updating or establishing your website?

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