Why hire a copywriter?


You know all those jobs you need to do, but you keep putting off because you’re not quite sure how to go about them, and you know it’s going to be a pain to even start? Maybe you’re simply time-poor running your empire. You need professional help, right? I am here to make you look good to potential and existing customers and let you get on with your own job by doing mine.

You’d hire a lawyer for legal work, a plumber for plumbing, or a hairdresser for hairdressing, so it makes just as much sense to hire a writer for writing, no?

I work in collaboration with my clients to deliver clear, concise, polished copy within minimal time frames.

Hiring a copywriter comes down to three key things:

  1. Time

  2. Expertise

  3. Experience

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Each project includes:

  • Thoroughly researched content (i.e. who are your competitors, what are they doing to set themselves apart, who are your customers and what do they want)

  • 2 opportunities to revise a draft (if necessary)

  • Efficient email communication plus Skype, phone or in-person contact as required

  • Collaboration with developers and designers as required

  • Professional proofreading