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Website Copy

Are you after something better than a dull, cookie cutter website? Yup, me too. Your website is a huge part of your marketing strategy and will either convince customers to throw their money at you or run for the hills. I know which version I’d prefer… Let’s work together to create something brave, bold and brilliant to really dazzle those punters!

Sales Copywriting

Needing a killer strategy to drive those sales? A landing page? An advertising campaign? Yeah, I can do that. Getting your sales chat just right is as important and memorable as checking your teeth for spinach before you deliver that big pitch you’ve been working on. Anyone want to work with spinach guy? No takers?? Bueller??

Email Sequences

Did you know emailing was the new black? Ensure your goldmine of an email subscription list is working hard for you. New sales campaigns, lead nurture campaigns, welcome sequences and everyday emails need to be polished and well thought out … Let’s boost those open rates!


Connecting with your audience and demonstrating your authority is kinda important, right?! What's the fastest way to do that? Why with a series of fancy-schmancy blogs of course! Get errbody to know, like and trust you with a series of well-researched, deftly executed lil blogs...


Do u want your Etsy page to read as limp as that month-old lettuce you’ve got in the back of the fridge? Or as compelling as the latest Fast and Furious sequel? (just kidding) I give your products life and character to shift those products out the door and into the loving arms of some very happy customer.

Proofreading & Editing

I’m pretty sure you won’t be as picky as me when it comes to spelling and grammar. I. Love. It. My editing and proofreading services ensure you are polished, mistake-free and look like a pro to customers and colleagues.

Linkedin Profiles

Time for a promotion? A career change? Not getting the leads you thought you would from your current LinkedIn profile? Maybe it’s time to give it a bit of a gussy up. With 675 million monthly users, you need to be getting that sweet face of yours out there in front of the right people. What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?

Marketing Collateral

Brochures are pretty boring if you don’t know what you’re doing. Are you sure you want to take that chance?! Let me help you put together the best dang brochure, flyer, catalogue or letter your customers have ever seen. We can really knock their socks off!

Join me and see if we can’t make sweet, sweet copy together…